x prlu kta ap-2 :D
Sunday, 4 December 2011 • 1:32 am • 0 comments

evening evelibadi !sehad ??korng ska glak x ?wawa nie ska glak tau .sbbnya bnyak sngat faedah .faedah ??tpu lh .x pcaya meh sni .bca tuu ~~>

1 smile make us attractive
2 smile change our mood
3 smile is contagious
4 smile can release stress
5 smile boost our immune system
6 smile lower our blood pressure
7 smile lift the face and make u look younger
8 smile make u seem successful
9 smile help u stay positive
                                         -google search-

haa ,tu dia buktinya !tu psal orng ska snyum jrang sakit .lpas ni korng kna la bnyak-2 snyum .if u want to look younger ,smile is the secret !so ,slamat beramal !

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