for the first time
Friday, 23 December 2011 • 6:59 am • 0 comments

my girlfriend is a gumiho !!yeah ,i love karean drama for the first time .haha ,tu lh crita korea yg prtama wawa suka .obses x t'thap ngn crita tu .bess gilakk !da la hero and heroin dia kiut-miut ,hehe .korng pon mst suka tngok crita ni kn ?ap ,x pnah tngok ?nk tngok ?haa pgi cari kat youtube sana .haha ,sori .oke ,da lwat mlam ni ,.night !warghh ,tido time !assalamualaikum ^^ .

# my girlfriend is a gumiho >>mon - fri >>8.30 - 9.30 (wjib tngok ,jngan x tngok !!)

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