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yeayy MERDEKA !!!hahahh .cop ,assalamualaikum ..hihi lpe plak .akhir nya abes dh exam PAT .NO BOOK ANYMORE ..hehehh ,mne bole cmtu klau nk jd bdak excellent kn kne rjin study :) .dh abes exam nie ,bole la wawa ambil ksmptan utk blogging n b'fb lme2 .hahahh ,wawa dh dpat blik takhta nie dr genggamn adk wawa .this laptop is mine ,no chance for u anymore !haha kjam nye ..ok lh ,exam korg cne ,ok ?klau bg wawa bole laa ,yg susah bese lh ,SEJARAH .huargghh susa btol la sbjek yg kne byk bce nie .wawa klau bce sejarah je ,konfem tido .klau ikut tips "orng tu" bce last mnit spaye msuk dwan exam ingat sbb bru bce .tp ,lbih kurng je ..hmm ntah la .nnt bile dh dpat rsult wawa bg tau ..byeee !

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