TOLONG !!!!! :(
Friday, 28 October 2011 • 6:51 pm • 0 comments

morning world !hummphh ...sdeh3x !!knpe ??result exam wawa lh .sdeh sngat ,tp nk bwat cne ,bnde pon dah jdi hnya mmpu b'serah and just forget about it ,next year do the better ,ok !skrng dh ad rmai p'saing yg tnjuk taring lh .dieorg dh mula m'mecut wawa dlam exam .so ,wawa dh k'tnggaln kat blakng .aihh ,,x bole jdi nie  .korng ,wait and see my taring pulak ,ok !hihi ..result nya sperti brikut :

BM -83%
SC -68%                                        
MT -75%
BI -62%
GEO -85%
KHB -81%
SEJ -76%
AG -85%
        no.dlam klas :3/24
        no.dlam batch :16/118 -trok-><
# ni semua akibat t'lalu bnyak b'fb ,blogging n b'henfon pnye psal !!wawa da tobat dh ..korng jgn ikut habit yg wawa buat nie ok !akibatnya ,,,tu diaaa !!!><

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